Ready-to-use plist file to boost your app revenue on iOS 14.5

What is a plist file?

While developing your mobile app the plist file (Property List File) is the essential configuration you need for your ios bundle. The information property list always has the name Info.plist (note that the name is case sensitive and must begin with the capital letter I).

The Info.plist file stores different information on your app, in particular the list of SkAdNetwork IDs your app will support to maximize the revenue it generates from ads.

What is a SkAdNetwork ID?

SkAdNetwork ID is an unique id that Apple issued to every network that wants to measure the attribution and performance of their ads on iOS 14.5.
If you want to maximize your revenue we suggest to include as many SkAdNetwork ID as possible, this will allow networks to buy more inventory from your app.

Where do I get this file?

You can easily download the file from this page (by clicking the button below) or copy / paste the SKAdNetworkItems dictionary from the xml to your plist.file.

When the SKAN enforcement will be released?

Apple released iOS 14.5 on 26th April 2021.
It’s expected that in 6 weeks around 50% of the users will have their phone updated to the latest iOS version 14.5 or above.

SKAdNetwork PLIST file example

The app you are developing is called source app and must include all the ad network’s SKAdNetwork IDs in the info.plist file to support new Apple’s requirements.
Below is a list of the most common ones, you can copy paste it in your plist file or simply download our plist file example.
Note: visit the website from desktop to have a better view of this table.

# Name Website SKAdNetwork ID
1 MyAppFree cad8qz2s3j.skadnetwork
2 AdColony Inc. 4pfyvq9l8r.skadnetwork
3 AppLovin ludvb6z3bs.skadnetwork
4 Criteo hs6bdukanm.skadnetwork
5 Google AdMob cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork
6 ironSource su67r6k2v3.skadnetwork
7 Pangle/Bytedance-China 238da6jt44.skadnetwork
8 Pangle/Bytedance-Non china 22mmun2rn5.skadnetwork
9 Smadex ppxm28t8ap.skadnetwork
10 TapJoy ecpz2srf59.skadnetwork

Missing a SkAdNetwork ID?

Use this form to report a missing SkAdNetwork ID.
We will add the ID to the list to make it more complete.

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